Our Mission

The Obsidian Studios was started by two ridiculous, sushi-loving, best friends. We aim to create an unmatched collaborative experience. We will harness your vision and bring it to life so that you can create breathtaking art. Our goal is to provide a high-end experience for artists while providing a custom, superior product.


Our Team



Derek is a New England based artist. Living in New England has given him a wide visual palate due to its erratic seasonal environmental changes. His artistry runs parallel with his way of life. His need to discover the world has given him endless possibilities. Derek has been involved in the art field since graduation with a bachelors in fine arts degree in 2004. Not only is Derek passionate about painting and creating backdrops, he also haD a successful pottery studio. His multi-talented SKILL SET through these two mediums of art gives him the mindset and technique that is shown in the quality of our backdrops. It makes our work truly unrivaled for a backdrop company.Derek is a true visionary.



Jay is a fine art photographer and civil engineer from the boston area. over the past few years he’s developed a unique style with his photography that explores darkness and emotion. Jay's background in the fine-art world allows him to understand the demands of creatives in the photography industry. This insight is what drives his passion in creating extremely unique backdrops that add a new level of style and design to backdrops that have never been produced. His natural involvement in the community allows him to connect with photographers that are looking for backdrops that are as diverse as they are and as wild as their imagination.





Stars can’t shine without the darkness



We are dust and shadows



We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams


The Process

We're all about customization and creating something that is inherently unique to you! We have the ability to produce something tailor made to your vision. The process begins by filling out the contact form below. Start thinking about what elements, styles, colors, and textures inspire you, we want to hear all about it! After submitting the form below, you will be emailed a Follow-up in order to get your backdrop ordering process started. Afterwards, a virtual meeting will be set up to discuss and develop your custom backdrop. Don’t worry if you aren’t quite sure yet, we will guide you through the process step-by-step.


Contact Us


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